PIPEPILOT Pipe Laying Device

Get a Grip Of Safety and  your Profits

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PIPEPILOT® Key Benefits

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The PIPEPILOT® how it works and specifications

Saves Time and Reduces Operational Costs, with Safety too!
PIPEPILOT is an unique-in-its-class, pipe laying and handling attachment. NEW to the Market, PIPEPILOT is a great tool to lay Pipes Faster, Safer, and more cost effectively.  PIPEPILOT can save up to 25% of pipe installation costs.  Available in USA and UK, Europe and the rest of world on request

The PIPEPILOT® can pick up and lay pipes very quickly.  Fast, efficient and precise.

No trench boxes

No staff in the trench

The PIPEPILOT® provides a very rapid return on investment, we have some customers achieving a 25% reduction in installation costs.

The PIPEPILOT® can hold the pipes at any point in their length, very safe.

No need to find the central balance point.

No potentially dangerous slings

No staff need to be close to pipes when being moved or positioned or installed