PIPEPILOT Pipe Laying Device

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PIPEPILOT® Key Benefits

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PIPEPILOT ®   field trials

See an older unit

We decided to show a PIPEPILOT ®  that has been in the field for a few years, one that has been doing the job that it was intended to do.

This unit has been predominately used to install cast Iron ductile pipe, typically 20 feet x 12 inches (6 m x 300 mm),  weighing approximately  1200 lbs (550 Kg)

It has performed faultlessly, no breakages, it has made considerable reductions of  installation costs, in the order of 20-25% and its return on investment occurred  during its second contract for which was used!

Safety is difficult to measure but its usage can

The videos show how it works and demonstrates the ease of use, the speed, and the safety features