PIPEPILOT Pipe Laying Device

Get a Grip Of Safety and  your Profits

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PIPEPILOT® Key Benefits

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Made in USA

What we do?

We specialise in high quality and innovative engineering solutions, executed with pride and diligence. Based on traditional business values and ethics, professionalism, quality, knowledge, and expertise to create bespoke  solutions for our customers problems

Then we take that solution and make it available to a wider user base.

We like to work in a traditional way, where we respect all the people  we meet and interact in the course of doing business.

Why we do it?

Simple Safe and Easy

It is important that this type of product has very high availability, so that its safety features can benefit the many, reducing and often eliminating the accidents that are common in this industry.

Safety, speed, and cost effective

All Pipes

Simple and Safe

Fits Popular Equipment  

All the directors have a shared ambition to make create products that are made in USA , that create business in USA and we intend to sell them globally the way we used to, and

We like solving engineering problems,

We like creating innovative solutions for our customers

We  like helping our customers

We are good at it

And, yes, we want to make some money along the way


Orange Township ProductsDavid Cheney


Joe Cheney

Owners and Innovators

Orange Township Products

Joe and David Cheney of Orange Township Products have among them over 60+ years of engineering  experience of  the agricultural  and heavy engineering  industry. Earlier in their careers they worked for Ford Motor Company, during their time at Ford they decided to start their own company.

They formed an engineering company to service their customers requirements, providing bespoke solutions to engineering problems that were presented by their customers.  Since that time they have continued in creating innovative solutions to their customers’ projects.

Now the focus is to take some of those solutions and release them to the market.

Orange Township Products was formed to do this, David and Joe they knew they needed a larger pool of skills  so they enlisted the help of Colin Cox who brings a wide set of  business and innovative skills. This is a great team that forms the nucleus of a company that has traditional and ethical views on how to conduct business.

We respect our customers, we respect our suppliers, we respect our employees, and we want conduct business in a way that enables everyone to make a living and be happy doing it.  

A key product is the PIPEPILOT  ®  conceived, designed, and made in USA by  companies that are local, providing the skills and the flexibility, that are required to serve our customers.    

Colin CoxColin Cox

International Business and Product Development Director

Orange Township Products

Colin Cox is the International Business and Product development Director for Orange Township Products  with over 30 years of business management experience within both large and small companies. He was  a member of the board of directors for Oracle Inc. European Development Centre in Ireland, honing skills including international business development, departmental P&L responsibility. Colin has travelled widely throughout the Europe and USA developing his multicultural skills,  all which have been underpinned with a MBA  from   University of Edinburgh Business School, Scotland & ENPC (École nationale des ponts et chaussées) School of International Management Paris France. Colin’s contribution to many other entrepreneurs’ businesses have  resulted in very positive  outcome; they include Business Plans, Sales Plans, Web Marketing plans,  Products and Service development plans.

Winning several awards including the Oracle European Innovation award for introducing and delivering a new way of providing real time support for Outsourcing customers.

Colin brings a new perspective to the supplying of engineering solutions to the industry, he relishes new challenges and new technologies, he is fresh and enthusiastic in seeking new ways to do things.

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