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Don Snyder, Bluffton, OH

I have 48 years of experience in excavation; during heavy pipe laying process I have been faced with the same problems for years my key issue was the safety of my employees. These are in two key areas, the need for them to get into the trench during the pipe laying process, and the use of slings and grapples which have many issues of safety and inconvenience with limited capability.

What I needed was a device that was compact, has the ability to grip hydraulically the pipe. I searched on the web and I found nothing that would fit the purpose.

I approached Cheney Brothers Inc, who has supported me for years making and fixing a variety of attachments. To cut a long story short, Joe and David Cheney developed a very compact, simple and very strong device that enables the handling and laying of heavy ductile pipe and plastic pipe. The PIPEPILOT and Orange Township Products LLC were born.  

I have been involved in the field trials for the PIPEPILOT and I have found it to be great tool. It is great for handling pipe in all weathers.  I have used it for about 3-4 years for mainly ductile pipe, from 8”-12” (200 mm – 300 mm) and  20 ft (6M) long.  

I have listed some bullet points, as they highlight the key features and advantages that I like about the PIPEPILOT. I use it on a Yanmar 100 Excavator, (10 ton) with boom swing. I have not been able to find a down side; it even paid for itself on the first contract I used it on.  I understand Orange Township Products are adding the capability of 360° rotation.

SAFETY is my main point, but it also saves time and costs.

Don Snyder Excavation Inc, Bluffton, OH, 2008-2011

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