PIPEPILOT Pipe Laying Device

Get a Grip Of Safety and  your Profits

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PIPEPILOT® Key Benefits

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Protecting your Investment

The PIPEPILOT ®   is designed to be simple, robust, and low maintenance ,  keeping it clean by the  removal of  abrasive grit and sand that is like to get into the moving parts and if fitted grease the rotator.   

All machinery eventually wears out we offer a refurbishment service to get even more from your original investment

Spares, Accessories

Maintenance, Spares & Repairs

Training is Important

As part of the  support of the products we see training as an important  service for customers that may require addition guidance to get the best out of their investment.

The PIPEPILOT ®  is very simple to use and operate, however  as with all tools there are often tips and tricks that can be learned and shared. This enables more efficiencies to be exploited.

The training is under development it is our intention to provide DVD’s and web based workshops / surgeries.

The Training will include:

PIPEPILOT ® Training