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PIPEPILOT® Key Benefits

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The PIPEPILOT   ® will be a great addition to your installation tool set, and get a return on your investment on your first contracts, it is that good.  It is possible to get up to 25% plus  savings on your current costs profile when used for pipe laying.

PIPEPILOT   ® is Robust, Reliable and Precise.It has successfully completed 4 years of field trials, it is proven, it is robust, it has performed faultlessly in moving and laying both heavy Ductile and lighter PVC pipes in both pressured and un-pressured applications, on and off grade up to 14 Ft (4.2 M) deep, plus all materials handling for those projects

The PIPEPILOT   ® can operate at much greater depths and is only dependent on the excavator arm lengths)

Other Applications

We are working with companies to use the PIPEPILOT  ® for installation of wooden poles, for the utility industry, and installation of large uprights, wooden and metal for the building construction industry. Typically only  a jaw set change is required.

Take a look at  the video to see what it is does.

The PIPEPILOT  ® can save you significant money!  Very fast return on investment call for more information.

PIPEPILOT ®  is an unique-in-its-class, robust and dependable pipe laying   and pipe  materials handling attachment.

PIPEPILOT   ® is a great tool improve your profits laying and handling large and heavy utility pipes Faster, Safer, and more Cost Effectively see the results instantly, you can reap the benefits now. Full range of sizes and options. SEE IT IN ACTION in the video

PIPEPILOT   ®  do you need it?

If you answered yes to any of above then....


Pipe Laying & Handling Attachment